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Vignes, vins, et rando à CHAHAIGNES
le Samedi 6 Septembre 2014
à partir de 14 H.

24 Heures Cuisine à l'Abbaye de l'Epau le 27 et 28 Septembre 2014.

"NECT'ARTS" Rencontre arts et vins
25-26 Octobre 2014

Destockage sur les millésimes 2006

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La Tendrière is a domain situated in Poncé sur Loir, small village of character, between Tours and Le Mans, in the valley of the Loir, dear to Ronsard.

Wine-grower since several generations, we exploit a 10 ha vineyard, principally in appellation "Jasnières". Grown in a traditional way, our vines produce quality grapes ; converted into wine also in a crafted and traditional way, without addition of chemicals. Taking advantage of the reputation of "Jasnières" to keep well, we have a broad range of old vintages : dry, soft, half-dry or even sweet, depending on the year. They shal be served with various dishes.

By appointment, we will welcome you with great pleasure so as to make you share our passion :

Tel. : 02 43 75 82 22 ou 06 70 50 53 36 / 06 86 96 81 38

The "Jasnières" is produced by a single vine, the Chenin or Pineau de la Loire.

Depending on the year and its parameters (rain, sunshine, dryness, etc.), it gives dry wines with exotic fruits, flower fragrances with a fair amount of minerality. In case of sufficient hours of sunshine and by a nice end of season, it contracts "noble rot" and products half-dry or even syrupy wines, with ripe fruits aromas, very complex and exquisite.

The Côteaux du Loir come from Pineau d'Aunis put together with weak proportion of Gamay. They are bred for short time in vats, then put into wooden barrels (chestnut, dominant species in the regions we live in).


  Tél. 02 43 75 82 22 - Caves à la Tendrière - 72340 PONCE SUR LOIR - jasnieres-mboulay@orange.fr